Ecotact has been spreading the message of freshness and sustainability since its inception in 2005. Enjoying farm-fresh grains shouldn't come at the cost of destroying the Earth. So with eco-friendly technologies and processes, we strive to create reliable products sustainably for the world.

With our unmatched expertise in Hermetic Packaging and Storage Solutions, we want to extend the same into your kitchens too! This is why Ecotact is now unveiling hermetic packaging for fresh and frozen food!

Ecotact’s multilayered packaging keeps your food fresh no matter the transit period, all while preserving the products from oxidation, microbial infestation, vitamin loss and much more. Our packaging is committed to keeping sensitive minerals & fiber content intact so that you receive the healthiest nourishment always.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Our ECOMAP packaging prevents oxidation of the packed food which significantly extends its shelf life. This is a result of the atmosphere inside the flexible or rigid films of our packaging which is modified by drawing a vacuum and flushing it with gas (typically nitrogen).

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ECOFORM packaging is durable, resilient, and tamper-resistant. Not only that, its ability to take the shape of the product and the design flexibility provides extra protection and attractive packaging! Ecotact’s films are made of PA and EVOH to achieve the best barrier performance.

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Vertical Form Fill and Seal

The simplicity and the minimalism of the ECOBARR PA/EVOH packaging make it an attractive choice. The PA and EVOH films provide a high barrier protection and help retain and preserve the taste, aroma, flavor, color, and texture of dry, frozen, or liquid products.

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Compostable Food Bags

ECOMPOST compostable packaging films marry the best of both worlds for your plate and the planet. They imitate the constructive qualities of durability, protection, and shelf-life stability just like any conventional plastic but with one major difference – it is fully compostable!

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Shrinkable Films

Ecotact compostable heat shrink films have multiple benefits for you and the earth! They offer flexibility, strength, composability, and illustration capability. These eco-friendly corn-based shrink films boast of the added benefit of having a zero carbon footprint.

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